Raising a Generation of Digital Evangelists

Testimonial by Rodney Devdas, Children Bible Ministry, India

The Digital Academy (DA) held in 2019 in Pune was a big blessing for me and my ministry among the children. I attended the training with two of my teenage team members. The reason why I say DA was blessing to me because when it comes to technology I find it very hard to understand the technical terms and fine nuances of it. I was total nerd at this. But the good thing about the DA was that the facilitating team broke down the training language to very simple form which was very easy to understand, learn and implement. Another aspect that I liked was that the Trainers gave ample time to the participants to work on their assignments. Which i think was highlight as the participants got time to use the teaching and rectify it as well. DA also gave me confidence to work on digital platform.

After coming back from DA I started a Youtube channel called CHILDREN BIBLE RESOURCES where in we upload worship and teaching videos. The training that we took in DA was very helpful in conducting 6 day CHILDREN’S BIBLE CAMP ONLINE in the month of May, 2020. This camp was attended by about 10000 children from India and neighbouring countries. It was a huge success and big thank you to DA for this as what we learnt in DA we used in making Online Camp. The camp had about 22 people across India teaching in it and we used the DA notes and experience in helping the team shoot videos for camp. All our videos in the camp was shot on mobile phone and in our homes. Except the editor none are from Media background. When people saw the videos of camp most of them thought that we have used expensive cameras, lights etc. We continued with several programs on Youtube after our camp and it inspired many other organisation to come up with online programs for children. We are even helping other mission organisation to set up Online Sunday School.

Thank you DA and CLFA.

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