Annika Greco introduces the movement

Converge is committed to seeing every young person reached and discipled for Jesus Christ. To achieve this, we need to empower every person for the task, whatever their age, ethnicity, church allegiance or gender. To this end, through 2020, a small learning community of leaders from all over the world framed some questions which, if answered, would help empower young female leaders.
At the end of 2020 and into the beginning of 2021, Converge partnered with other movements, such as the Global Children’s Forum and International Christian Youthworks, to host on line learning communities for the OD Restorations programme. This excellent resource seeks to help us rediscover God’s intention for men and women to lead together in mission. Around 60 grassroots leaders joined the learning communities and in January 2021 these leaders will be trained to facilitate learning communities in national contexts across the globe.
We recognise that God is doing something much bigger than what we, as Converge, can achieve alone. So we’re discussing with other organisations, how we together we can create a space where a shared movement of young women and men can lead and flourish together. 
Our hope is that within a few years Converge will be led by a inter-generational family of men and women working powerfully together in every region of the world, and a generation would rise up, unaware that this would have been seen as in any way unusual!