Transformed youth, Sample – 3

Asian Alliance
We’re a community of Christian movements and youth ministers across the globe, birthed out of the Youth Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance, and united in our:
  • Desire to reach and disciple as many young people as possible for Christ by modelling and empowering innovative, sustainable holistic youth ministry in every global culture and context.
  • Belief in and experience of the Revealing initiative of God the Father, the Redeeming work of God the Son and the Transforming ministry of God the Holy Spirit, with a foundation of and commitment to His Word: The Bible, and His body: the local church.
  • Commitment to humbly serve and prefer one another’s interests through relationship, collaboration and prayer.
Converge is a relational movement, with a structure which allows vision and strategy to flow from grassroots, globally representative leadership. It is led by a Global Field Team drawn from each region of the world whose vision is served and implemented by a Global Facilitation Team and who are held accountable to the values and integrity of the movement by a Global Foundation Team. We’re all either self-funded or seconded by our partner ministries.

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